Inspiring young females to do anything

Published on May 14th, 2020

Mintautas Grigas, who for almost three years has been a videographer for the GKA (Global Kitesports Association) Kite World Tour, was enlisted for a mission after the GKA Mauritius event last year. Here he describes the project titled, 118ft of Freedom:

In the world of kitesurfing, the male gender is dominating the beaches and girls are seen as secondary. Jalou Langeree wanted to prove this wrong and decided to do girls-only trip. Joined by Olivia Jenkins and Catharina Edin, they went on a trip to find one of the most mesmerizing left handers to kite in the world – Flame Balls in the South Coast of Madagascar.

I never actually thought of becoming a filmmaker and making a living out of it as I do now. It all kind of happened naturally for me. One thing follows another. From buying a simple GoPro 3 and shooting some silly clips and snapping some photos of myself kiting or windsurfing, to suddenly having a full bag of different lenses and drones and going on a trip somewhere in Madagascar with professional athletes.

To reach that place, we embarked on a 118-foot ship called ‘Luna Moon’ which allowed them to live and keep the proximity to this unique wave spot. To be able to kite in waves the right combination of swell and wind direction must appear, thus sometimes that means you have to wait. But if you wait long enough there is a high chance of scoring the conditions of the lifetime.


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