The Rise of the Grand Prix Family Team

Published on August 12th, 2020

by Bill Goggins, CEO, Harken
It’s my favorite time of the year in Pewaukee. Many of our local kids, including my own, are in sailing class. They will have some regattas in the coming days. Although the COVID-19 virus is far from understood or under control, it seems that a careful balance between complete lockdown and complete carelessness has been reached—at least where it relates to sailing here.

Although most of our traditional adult regattas have been postponed for this season, there is limited adult racing in Pewaukee. Lots of us have discovered that sailing can be a simple, easy and inexpensive family activity. It feels really nice to get out and use boats that might have been overlooked in ‘normal’ times.

Full stop here for a moment. I do not want to paint an idyllic picture that all the family sailing being done is contented, low-stress, just enjoy-one-another’s-company stuff. That would be to ignore something that was happening before the beginning of 2020 but would seem even more of an advantage these days. I’m going to call it The Rise of the Grand Prix Family Team.

Imagine going sailing today with someone you grew up eating breakfast with—or sharing bunk beds with —only, the sailing you’re doing today is the medal race at a world championship! Or maybe you’re going racing with your dad, who just happens to have a couple of TP52 Med Cup Championships under his belt. What do people in this league talk about on the way to the grocery store?

This month’s At The Front spends time with members of these grand prix family teams—hiking and trimming together at world championship or Olympic levels. Our kids aren’t there—yet. But it sounds like the best of all possible worlds doesn’t it? Let’s find out! Hope you enjoy the August issue… click here.

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