COVID 19 regulations at events

Published on August 27th, 2020

The World Sailing Racing Rules Question and Answer Service was recently asked how shall COVID-19 government regulations, protocols, and guidance be implemented in race documents. Here was the answer:

It is not recommended to include legislation, protocols or guidance from external authorities in an event’s rules, as breaches of such legislation are outside the jurisdiction of event officials and are subject to changes at short notice.

Most events will need to produce or adopt protocols to ensure compliance with government COVID-19 regulations and guidance.

Instructions or requests by an event official based on published guidance, protocols or legislation in effect at a venue at any time are likely to be reasonable. Failure by a competitor or support person to comply with a reasonable request or instruction may be misconduct and may be reported to the protest committee under rule 69.

It is recommended that:
1. Any specific guidance or protocols that govern the event are published on the official notice board in English or in a language that it is reasonable to be understood by all boats affected.
2. Events consider the appointment of an event medical officer to be able to assess any symptomatic issues and act in accordance with the event protocols.
3. The following sailing instructions are added:
• [DP] Competitors and support persons shall comply with any reasonable request from an event official. Failure to comply may be misconduct.
• Reasonable actions by event officials to implement COVID-19 guidance, protocols or legislation, even if they later prove to have been unnecessary, are not improper actions or omissions.

Disclaimer: Q&As reflect the opinion of experienced race officials and are not authoritative interpretations of the rules. Q&As only address the specific question and not all of the factors a protest committee will need to consider in a hearing.

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