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Around the world by song

Published on September 22nd, 2020

From Jimmy Buffett’s song, Far Side of the World, Kai Yves provides this parody about the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race:

Leg Zero is over
Preparing for that Race
I’m halfway round the planet
In a most iconic place

Tracing out a wind-path
The laptop holds my charts
Past coasts and capes and islands
Imprinted on my heart

We’ve got no time for politics
It’s too bizarre at home
Away we flew bound for the blue
Six continents to roam

Awakened by a phone alarm
The Spanish coast below
On the threshold of adventure
How I do love this job so

So while I make my move
On that big board game
Harborside in Alicante
Some things remain the same
Load supplies for guys and girls
We’re heading out this morning
For the far side of the world

Do you believe in heroes
Who forced the Pillars wide?
Beyond lies the Atlantic
A southbound Equator ride

This city where the oceans flow
And merge beneath the moon
Somewhere across an ocean waits
Australia through the gloom

I was destined for this vantage point
My world just sky and sea
In tales of Blake and Slocum
Knox-Johnston and Carlííín

From Melbourne on to Hong Kong
New Zealand, Itajaí
It was tales of those before us
That taught us how to fly

Baleen whale,
See it gulp!
Feel every bump!
In southern gales, carbon sails
Are coiled and furled
That’s the way you travel
To the far side of the world!

A sunset framed by lightning bolts
Burns a lasting memory
And a chain of flickering southern lights
That dance above the sea

As flying fish and dolphins
Breach and jump and twirl
The finish line is waiting on
The far side of the world

Well it’s Christmas and it’s Box Day
And so to that extent
For once Melbourne not Hobart
Is where I raise my tent

With dear friends and teammates
We’ll party laugh and dance
And tell of family far away
In China or in France

New Year’s sweeps the longitudes
And we reflect on joys
High up on the rooftop
You can relish all the noise

We’re dancing on the tables
And bouncing like the swells
Two Oh One Eight is ushered in
With air raid horns and bells

Time to sing, time to dance
In the end, it’s up to chance
Scallywags’ duffel bags are coiled and furled
With prayers I’ll meet you safely
On the far side of the world

Back at home it’s afternoon
A hemisphere away
With one eye on the tracker
Living out a normal day

With jobs and chores and questions
And toes in worries curled
I know they’re waiting for me
On the far side of the world
Oh, meet me in that harbor
On the far side… of the world

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