Recognizing Sportsmanship in 2020

Published on December 7th, 2020

While the sailing calendar for Cortez Racing Association (San Diego, CA) was hampered for much of 2020 due to strict government regulations for recreational boating, when racing did begin, the organization recognized four teams that put others before themselves:

• David and Robin Basham on Janis (Santana 525) – On August 15, during “Race Your Household V”, the crew of Janis came to the aid of Rhumb Runner (J/29), which experienced an electrical fire onboard. The Bashams rushed right over and David assisted Chuck Bowers, who was singlehanding his boat, to douse the fire and then proceeded to ensure Rhumb Runners’ electrical connections were secure and would not pose a risk of further fire so that Chuck could proceed back to his mooring safely. Robin and David responded immediately and without concern for their own safety to Chuck’s SOS, even in the presence of the scary smoke from the cabin.

• Carolyn and Sandra Sherman and crew Brian Fritzges of Sea Maiden (Ericson 35-3) – On August 29, 2020, during the “Stephanie Jean Navrides Memorial Race Your Own Household”, the crew of Sea Maiden came to the aid of Mike Dore on Decoy (Hunter 28.5). Mike was singlehanding and fell overboard during the race. Brian Fritzges from Sea Maiden immediately dove in the water to swim to Mike. Meanwhile, Decoy continued to sail recklessly on without anyone on board. Carolyn and Sandra Sherman charged after Decoy and Sea Maiden ran her down like the posse after a bandit! Carolyn’s dauntless driving ability and Sandra’s daring jump onto Decoy saved the day! These three were honored by SDAYC with a new award, the Peter Curtin Sportsmanship Award.

• Don Fulton and the crew of Blue Lunatic (J/35) – On September 12, 2020, during the “Dennis Conner Around the Coronado Isle Race”, the crew of Blue Lunatic came to the aid of a sinking power boat. Don and his crew assisted the sinking vessel by contacting the Coast Guard and, at the request of the CG, standing by to continue rendering assistance until the CG could arrive, as they were many miles off the coast. Even though stopping to help this boat meant the end of their long anticipated first race after months of quarantine, the Blue Lunatic was happy to help.

• Keith Ericson and the crew of B’Quest (Tripp 40 MKII) – After the Fall Regatta on November 14, 2020, the B’Quest crew assisted two men in trouble on a Jet Ski. One of the men had been in the water for a while and could not get back onto the Jet Ski. B’Quest maneuvered alongside and lifted the man out of the water onto B’Quest using a halyard and winch, then towed the Jet Ski with the other man back to Marina Cortez where they had rented the Jet Ski.

If your area recognized sportsmanship acts in 2020, please send the details to

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