A Primer: How to handle things

Published on March 2nd, 2021

by John Fulweiler, WindCheck Magazine
This is a primer, an antidote to all things amateur. It’s a one-page missive on a mission to commission solutions to a dozen situations (or ‘sitches as a person I love and know calls them). Some of the situations are maritime oriented and some aren’t. A few are unpleasant, but that doesn’t mean a life well led shouldn’t (or won’t) cross these waters.

Dragging anchor. Don’t worry you didn’t have enough scope and you misunderstood why a good length of chain is so important; get your engine going. Work next on letting out more scope (read, pay out more rode!) Don’t yell at your crew. And yes, dragging anchor into another vessel may likely give rise to liability so give some consideration to getting your hook down and set.

Anger. Identify what’s unfair. Anger comes from reacting to real or perceived inequity. My wife taught me that lesson a long way back when I used to get angry quick, bright and too often. I’m far from a model of Zen calmness these days, but I don’t do stupid like I used to.

You’re sinking. A lot of people worry the volume of water. Don’t. The water in the cabin can wait. Pull up the floorboards, throw off the hatches and find the source. Get a sail run over the bow and you and your partner, you pull that sail like a bedsheet down under the hull. Get cushions and blankets and stuff them in the hole. Find the problem, first, and deal with the consequences, second. And keep a length of lumber and a small saw aboard, as they’ll prove handy in all kinds of situations including bracing a patch.

You lost something. Play with time. I once bought a Tiffany bracelet and sat smug in a cab heading up Madison full of the heady promise and expectation of youth. I exited the cab and then turned in horror as the cab sped north, a distinctive blue bag bouncing, alone, on the rear seat. Hailed another cab heading south, swung Tiffany door wide (I was getting to know the place), eschewed the elevator and ascended the stairwell, alone in the moment. Retrieved credit card and purchased the same bracelet, again. Held bag tightly in hand, hailed another cab and returned to that corner, exited with my purchase and rended time.

For the complete list… click here.

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