New concept to increase achievement

Published on April 28th, 2021

An idea is being introduced for offshore sailing to widen the viewfinder on achievement. Rather only celebrate the biggest and fastest yachts, a new concept called Corrected Time Records enables a new category of sailing record with attempts to be calculated and ratified using the IRC handicap system.

In short, having a record that is based on corrected time rather than the more traditional elapsed time allows teams to compete on a level playing field. Operated by sports management company Fourth Cape, IRCRecords™ fills a large gap in the sailing record arena.

“We’ve all enjoyed watching the high-profile teams going on standby then attempting & breaking the major records,” notes Managing Director Charles Darbyshire. “We are very pleased to be launching the concept of corrected time records, which will make the skill and thrill of record breaking accessible to a much wider group of sailors, making best use of the equipment they already own or have access to.”

Brian Thompson, Jules Verne Trophy Winner and 33 times World Speed Sailing Record holder, has spent a good proportion of his sailing career on the quest to break world records. “I have utterly loved the challenge of racing the clock,” notes Thompson. “After all, it’s the original form of sailboat racing, harking back to the fishing schooners on the Grand Banks racing home to sell their catch.

“What IRC Record competitors will discover about this aspect of the sport is the need for ideal weather for a record attempt, which means sailing in the perfect conditions to suit their boats, providing the most exhilarating and unforgettable sailing! I’m looking forward to getting my name on this new record leader board.”

An IRCRecords™ entry provides a “14-day attempt window” for competitors to start their attempt. This allows teams to target favorable weather and tidal conditions for their vessel. Unlike a regatta or a race start, these record attempts can be made at any stage and time to suit the competitor, giving greater flexibility to owners and sailors to take part.

Benefitting from the increase in satellite tracker accuracy and reduced airtime costs, IRCRecords™ attempts will be validated through the popular and well-proven YB Tracking system, providing a device and interface which is simple and straight forward to use.

“The platform allows accurate calculations for the wide range of boats that have IRC certificates across the world to challenge these record attempts,” shared Dr. Jason Smithwick, Director of Rating for IRC. “It will be interesting to see which courses emerge as the new ‘classics’ establishing themselves as ‘the one to hold.”


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