Hold Fast: An Olympic Sailing Podcast

Published on August 26th, 2021

For a couple weeks every four years, sailors in the Olympic Games light up our hearts with stories of triumph and determination. Yet, the larger part of their stories happen in the years of training and preparation in between each Olympics.

The Hold Fast Podcast hosted by Nathan Housberg showcases United States sailors with Olympic experience or aspirations as they share the parts of their journey that don’t typically make it to press.

Here’s a two part session with Caroline Atwood:

Part 1
For the first time ever on Hold Fast we are joined by a new co-host, Dr Tim Herzog, a sports psychologist and clinical psychiatrist to improve our focus on athlete mental health and psychological performance.

Caroline Atwood takes us through her journey through three different Olympic class sailboats and three different teammates before the Nacra 17 sailboat that would be her official bid for the Tokyo Olympics. Along the way we tackle issues of teamwork, anxiety, even PTSD with Dr. Tim Herzog.

Part 2
In part two of our interview, Caroline Atwood shares how a dramatic crash impacted her confidence going into trials and how social media added anxiety to her preparation. Dr. Tim Herzog digs deeper into how social media effects our daily mental health and performance. And Caroline shares how Olympic campaigning can be a really lonely pursuit at times. For Caroline’s new campaign, click here.

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