Spaniards top at 29er Worlds

Published on August 31st, 2021

Valencia, Spain (August 31, 2021) – The 2021 Zhik 29er World Championship Cup in the waters of Valencia wrapped up today after six days of competition in which 190 teams from 24 countries have gathered.

At the top of the podium, Spain’s Mateo and Simón Codoñer claimed the overall gold to win the regatta, and also won for the Under 17 male age group. Also from Spain, Quicorras Urios and Filippo Benetti, landed the silver, 8 points out of first. Jens-Christian Dehn-Toftehok and Jens-Philip Dehn-Toftehok (DEN) finished with the bronze. Just off the podium, Americans Ian and Noah Nyenhuis placed fourth.

A last day full of emotion, given the tightness of the fleet standings with small differences between those who played the medal, in the case of Quicorras Urios and Filippo Benetti (RCN Valencia) who yesterday were off the podium and today they hang the silver.

The top ten of the Zhik 29er 2021 World Cup closes with the Codoñer brothers (Spain), followed by Quicorras Urios and Filippo Benetti (Spain); Jens-Christian and Jens-Philip Dehn-Toftehoj (Denmark); Ian and Noah Nyenhuis (USA); Hugo Revil and Karl Devaux (France); Claudia Quaranta and Carlo Vittoli (Italy); Simon Karmelo and Lasse Lindell (Finland), Anton Schmid and Peter Joslin (USA); Keo Devaux Enael Rio (France) and completing the podium with the Spanish tandem Álvaro Alonso and Guillermo Castellano (RCN Gran Canaria).

The Codoñer brothers, current champions of Spain, have known how to defend with the minimum advantage with which they faced this last day. It was enough for them to ensure, but without risking at the start and not getting into any battle and with finishes of 4-5 they are world champions with 53 points.

Mateo and Simón Codoñer, the 2021 29er World Champions, said, “We have made many friends, many foreign people and let’s see if in the future we will meet again. As we have won at home, they have made us a pretty cool celebration, they have put us on the boats and it could not be the truth more welcoming, we are very lucky to be brothers, and in the end we support each other a lot, in the good times and the bad times, and sports, sailing, the 29th, because the truth that helps us free ourselves, so to speak, from studies and the hours we work outside of school.

“Being brothers we get along much better, everything we decide, we both think the same, and it helps us a lot because since we are from the same family, our parents support us a lot and I think it is the best thing we have done. Our father fished when he was little and he always liked the sea and he told us one day of sailing, when we were 7 years old and we liked it so much that now we are here. We did not know what a rudder was and now we are world champions.”

Spain, as a country, has been awarded the Nations Cup title, which recognizes the results at the global level of all national representatives who have participated in the World Cup.


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Racing for the 190 teams was August 26-31. All competitors must be at least 13 years of age in 2021 with no maximum age, and prizes will recognize the top men’s and women’s teams along with the top teams under 17 years of age.

North America is represented by seven teams:
JJ Klempen and Steven Hardee (ISV)
Sophie Fisher and Hoel Menard (USA)
Sammie Gardner and Alice Schmid (USA)
Ian Nyenhuis and Noah Nyenhuis (USA)
Anton Schmid and Peter Joslin (USA)
Fynn Olsen and Pierce Olsen (USA)
Griffin Gigliotti and Jack Welburn (USA)

Source: RCNV

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