Learning maritime law from others

Published on March 6th, 2024

by John K. Fulweiler, WindCheck
There are stupid questions. Don’t let any boater tell you different. From the owner of the boat show production vessel to the teak decks of a German build, there’s a lot of stupid. Here’s my list for your galley amusement and maybe some teaching. I mean, Okay, okay. Cool your jets, Bar associations, it’s not legal advice. Don’t rely on what I’m saying. Every situation is different. You get the idea; don’t be stupid.

If I find an inflatable tender on the beach, can I keep it?
No. Stop. Salvage and the law of finds doesn’t work that way. I mean, if it’s your sibling’s or friend’s tender, go ahead and torment them with claims of finders-keepers. You’ll be wrong, but it’ll be fun. Quote me if you want.

Driving while intoxicated laws are different on boats, right?
Nope. Pretty much very similar; it’s just that “don’t drink and boat” slogans aren’t marketed with any intensity. Don’t drink and boat. Bad things happen. Float and drink, but don’t get underway all brimmed up with liquid enthusiasm because remember the prison term may pale in comparison to the civil judgment for the injuries you cause – those numbers can easily exceed your boat policy limits and maybe threaten the equity you hold in your house, your investment accounts, etc. – Full report

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