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From Ryan Hamm, Charleston, SC

Published on October 10th, 2012

In response to Scot Citrin and George Morris total trashing of television coverage (Scuttlebutt 3692), all I have heard for years on Scuttlebutt is about the lack of television coverage of sailing. Now that we have major coverage on weekends that is as good as any in decades, the naysayers start up. Can we please give it a chance? What’s next you asked… nothing if we all complain all the time. For those of us that love the coverage, would you negative guys please just keep it to yourself.

Several of my friends tell me how great the coverage of the Americas Cup has been. And these are friends that used to sail but quit after childhood. If ex-sailors and non-sailors are entertained and it gives them any inclination to get back in the sport, than this is a huge success. Heck, I have raced against at least five of the skippers and many of the crew in the AC races from this past Sunday and I thought the coverage and racing was great. What does that say about me? I guess I don’t know anything about it either.

I think Gary Jobson is one of the best ambassadors of the sport we have ever had and is respected outside our sport. Please don’t buy into it people. Let’s grow the sport instead of shrinking it by trashing those that have done more for it than almost anyone. It was fantastic coverage and fantastic sailing and these boats are incredible machines.

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