COACHING: What Type Are You? What Type Do You Need?

Published on May 6th, 2013

There are many different skills sets and types of coaches out there, experts, in a variety of different areas. Mark Lammens, Coach and Executive Director of Saskatchewan Sailing Clubs Association, shares these categories to define them:

Chocolate Pusher: gives you an energy bar on the water after the race.

Camera Man: takes video or still shots of leeches, set up, start lines, and other race situations.

Cheerleader: keeps the sailor up and excited about the race.

Rules Expert: knows the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of rule book and the protest processes

Weatherman: knows what the breeze strength and directions will be during the race day.

Drinking Buddy: keeps things fun and light,

Fault Finder: sees what needs to change

Sports Psych Guy: helps the athlete stay focused on the processes that bring success

Drill Sergeant
: great for getting boat maneuvers and physical movements consistent and strong

Trainer: sets up marks, more neutral Drill Sergeant, helps you get in the reps, on the water or gym session.

Yesterday’s Racing Hero: knowledgeable and experienced about high level racing and preparation

Tourist: seeing the world while attending regattas,

Technical Expert: sailmaker, boatbuilder, veteran; knows the critical factors to bring speed

Den Mother: keeping the squad organized and on time

Pilot: tows boats out to the course and into the dock

BN: derogatory term for a boat repair, optimizer, can only be used by the BN’s

To be a successful inclusive coach, having knowledge and skill in these areas allows them to assist with all of the possible scenarios that will happen. Athletes could also determine what qualities they would require to help them get to the next level.

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