America’s Cup: Postponements cause unimaginable havoc

Published on September 18th, 2013

(September 18, 2013) – There are a lot of moving parts that surround the 34th America’s Cup. Beyond the competing teams and the 100s of people that support them, there are many many multiples more people supporting the event. What could it be compared to? Possibly the summer fair, the circus, a sporting event? A lot to manage, for sure.

Then add to that total the people who are attending the event as a fan, or those in other continents whose lives are rearranged to follow the broadcast.

Together, the total must be phenomenally large, and each race postponement must bring along with it unimaginable havoc.

British journalist Matthew Sheahan of Yachting World shared his reality in this report he posted this morning – before the latest postponement…

Having spent the night re-organising my flights and hotel to extend my stay in San Francisco as the Cup draws out, I can now predict with some confidence that the Kiwis will win 2:0 today. It’s Sod’s Law that they will now I’ve paid an eye watering amount to stay on to the bitter end.

Changing bookings is particularly tricky at the moment as the city fires up for another event that will involve Oracle and that will see 40,000 hotel rooms booked as thousands flock to the Oracle Open World conference that starts on Monday.

Interestingly, the conference starts on the last available day that was on the original schedule for the 34th America’s Cup. The evening before the conference kicks off, Larry Ellison makes his keynote speech. Should he win the Cup on that day I can’t help wondering how he would deal with the potential double booking. Perhaps he would combine the two?!

On the other hand, losing the Cup wouldn’t be a great start to this conference.

In the media centre and even parts of the organization are seeing people head off sheepishly to the airport to return to other engagements. Few, if anyone, thought this Cup would go on this long yet the fact that it has is an indication of how this time the race for the Auld Mug has been a game changer in so many ways.

Apparently the same thing happened in 1983 when the score went to 4:3, way further than anyone expected as the Australians prised the Cup out of the American’s grip. By the time victory had been secured, many had left. Could the same happen here?

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