Boat Reviews 2013 interactive PDF

Published on February 25th, 2014

by Carol Cronin,
(February 25, 2014) – I just have to crow about something we’ve accomplished here at Thanks to the hard work of several people, we’ve recently published an interactive PDF called Boat Reviews 2013. Here’s a look behind the scenes at what went into its production—and some suggestions on how to use it.

Behind the Scenes: Creating Boat Reviews 2013
The editorial department has been growing fast the past five years. In fact, the only thing that’s been growing faster is the amount of content we produce. Toward the end of last year, we realized we’d set a new record for the number of boat reviews we’d published in the previous twelve months: 204! So how could we collect all of that great information into one place, as a reference for our readers?

After a little brainstorming, we came up with the idea of an interactive PDF and sent a preliminary layout to the Dominion Marine Media creative team. Working on a tight deadline, the designers drastically improved the look and useability (increasing the amount of space between links, for example, to allow for pudgy thumbs and fingers to select the right one).

Once we had the new design in hand, we added live links so you can click through to any review you choose, right from one document. And then we asked several sharp-eyed people to proof the document. The world of online publishing may be very different from print, but one truth has definitely carried over: Many eyes mean fewer typos. The PDF went live just before the Miami Boat Show. We hope you like it.

How to use Boat Reviews 2013:
Download the PDF
– Open it on your mobile device when shopping or gawking, to see what our experts have to say about a particular model.
– Keep it on your desktop as a reference to help you make decisions about what to buy.

Let us know what you think, and how we might make the 2014 version even better.


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