Tempesta changes course

Published on April 1st, 2015

(April 1, 2015) – The libel and slander litigation against Scot Tempesta, Alan Block, and Sailing Anarchy Inc has concluded with the defendants conceding to the demands of the court to cease business. This follows a five year proceeding that sought damages for what the lawsuit stated to be a ‘baseless and mean spirited smear campaign’ against the plaintiff.

“Of course the lawsuit was crap, but I got tired of giving money to lawyers,” said Tempesta, owner of Sailing Anarchy Inc. “The legal funds contributed by our readership on the defense wasn’t giving me happiness. I need toys like motorcycles and cars to feel good about myself.”

Tempesta was looking forward to his next project. “Sailing Anarchy had run its course, particularly as Alan sought to water it down with his mainstream content and self-promotion. My next website will get back to what originally launched Sailing Anarchy, which was to smear Scuttlebutt.”

Tempesta will soon launch SCUTTLEBUTTHOLE.COM, a URL he registered in 2013 and has held ownership during the court case. “All our current advertisers are excited. We plan to take ‘baseless and mean spirited’ to a whole new level.”


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