Disciplinary Decisions in the Sport of Sailing

Published on November 18th, 2015

Disciplinary decisions within ISAF are determined by the ISAF Disciplinary Commission and ISAF Review Board. The rules of procedure of the ISAF Disciplinary Commission and the ISAF Review Board are available via the links below.

With effect from 23 September 2013, the maximum fine that may be imposed by the Disciplinary Commission is €50,000. Questions, reports or comments on disciplinary matters should be sent by email or in writing to the Chief Executive Officer.

Here is an update as of November 18, 2015:

Record of Decisions:
Pontus Dolfei (SWE)
Breach of Anti-Doping Code; Suspension of ISAF Eligibility for 30 months from 10 November 2014 to 9 May 2017 (Decision)

Leandro Martin Luque (ARG)
Breaches of good manners and sportmanship contrary to RRS 69; Suspension of ISAF Eligibilty for 5 years from 30 October 2012 to 29 October 2017

Martim Oliveira da Silva Monteiro (POR)
Whereabouts failures; Competition Eligibility suspended until 10 October 2017

Recent Decisions:
Matthew Mitchell (NZL)
Regarding the 34th America’s Cup; No further action (Decision)

Chris Atkins (GBR)
Allegation of gross misconduct; No case to answer (Decision1, Decision2)

Milica Dukic (SRB)
Gross misconduct by a gross breach of sportsmanship and bringing the sport into disrepute, Suspension of ISAF Eligibility for 5 years from 1 July 2015 (Decision1, Decision2)

The above information shows disciplinary sanctions that are currently in force or recent decisions of the Disciplinary Commission and/or Review Board.

Disciplinary Procedure Documents:
ISAF Disciplinary Commission – Rules of Procedure
ISAF Review Board – Rules of Procedure

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