Nautical Music for the Passionate Sailor

Published on May 20th, 2016


Chris Bianco

Musician Chris Bianco announces his latest release:
Ahoy Mates, hungering for some tasty new upbeat, robust, nautical music born of the sailor’s lifestyle and love for the sea and the sailing experience? Lend an ear to Sailor Song’s latest release “Sails”, where you’ll find a sailor’s dozen (13) new songs filled with meaningful sailor’s poems afloat on memorable maritime melodies.

You will find no pirate fantasies here babe – no “Yo-ho-ho, blah-blah-blah”. Sails is modern “nautical music” that reflects the genuine sailor’s passion, and articulates our lifestyle choice in a whole new style and its own musical genre. Strongly acoustic & rhythmic in drive, with moments of serious blue-water depth – something like how every so often the Sea Herself rips the idyllic atmosphere open to reveal and flaunt Her raging mane, yet also often calmed and rolling and salty-sweet.

“Her Deepness” is a tribute to women of the sea and the fathomless depths of their passions and strengths. “Open Seas” touches on the core of the exhilarating underway experience all sailors live for. “Fair Winds and Following Seas” gives new voice and meaning to the timeless phrase. “Home on the Sea” is the seaborne soul’s very anthem; while “Lullaby Seas” is the soft voice of the gentle rolling sea lapping at the bow lulling Her own sailor-child to rest. Every one of us has already heard “The Call of the Sea” – just never quite like this! The moving 2-part saga of “Sandpiper” walking the beach singing her sailor’s name and waiting, waiting for his eventual return and their momentous reunion may reach your own heart with recollections of your own separations.

You Sail? You love the sea? You should hear Sails. More info and stream & download links below:

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