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Published on April 25th, 2017

Here are some moments in sailing history stored in the Scuttlebutt archives

5 years ago: Within minutes of his placing his first bare, calloused foot on dry land, they whisked Matt Rutherford away from his joyful family and led him to a makeshift stage in the center of Annapolis’s City Dock, where, clad in a crusty floppy hat, a pungent pair of black mesh shorts and the same vintage Popeye T-shirt he had worn at his departure 10 months earlier, he took a seat next to the governor and his wife and gazed out at the hundreds of faces suddenly staring at him. The incongruity of it all was not lost on him. For 10 months, as he completed a solo, nonstop circumnavigation of the Americas aboard a 27-foot sailboat, Rutherford had scarcely had any human contact. (Scuttlebutt 3575)

10 years ago: Adrian Morgan, commenting after the challenger series during the 32nd America’s Cup had seen 6 days postponed out of 8 due to light winds. “With respect to those complaining of no Valencian breeze, you didn’t have to play the game Alinghi cleverly cooked up. Valencian wind patterns in April are well known. Meanwhile, sailors wait. But they’re used to it; it’s all part of this intriguing, frustrating sport. The real issue is why sell the sport as a media-friendly, guaranteed crowd puller, with pathetically short races (to suit the TV) and invite celebrities to take a back seat on board? It was bound to backfire. TV will never go near another AC event after this. No bad thing. If you invite the tail to wag the dog, sooner or later the dog will turn round and bite you. Makes you feel nostalgic for the old days. (Scuttlebutt 2330)

15 years ago: It is with deep great regret that the Board of Directors of the Royal Hawaiian Ocean Racing Club has decided to cancel the 2002 Royal Hawaiian Cup Hawaii International Offshore Series. Since the Kenwood Corporation informed the Club in 2001 that they would be unable to continue their sponsorship in 2002, continuous action has been taken to find a replacement sponsor. However, the horrendous events of September 11, 2001 coupled with the downturn in the world economy, have made it impossible to find a replacement sponsor for this year. The Board of Directors therefore had little option but to cancel the series. The Hawaii International Offshore Series has been conducted biennially in the even-numbered years since 1978. This is the first time in 24 years the event will not be held. (Scuttlebutt 1050)

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