VIDEO: For the greater good of the planet

Published on May 11th, 2017

Alain Thébault (FRA) and his crew on the trimaran L’Hydroptère confirmed the design of their foiling 60-footer when they set the outright speed record in 2009 of 51.36 knots.

They furthered the concept by proving the boat could handle the open ocean, but when light winds foiled their attempt in 2015 to break the speed record from Los Angeles to Honolulu, Thébault was ready to move on.

Thébault set out to apply his thinking to the greater good of the planet and provide big cities with a fun green mode of transport for their waterways that answers the needs in the ever-congested public transport systems around the globe.

The result is Sea Bubbles which seeks to prove itself by transforming transportation in Paris with an environmentally-friendly alternative to cars and buses that clog the capital’s streets. It’s silent speed will also generate no waves at full speed so as not to erode the river walls.

Thébault has just taken the wraps off his latest prototype and revealed it’s raised an additional €10m to turn its water-faring dream into reality.

Later this year the first production SeaBubbles will be launched and five will be put into operation in Paris where they’ll ferry people around at speeds of up to 30km/h.

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