You know you’re an Opti parent when…

Published on November 20th, 2017

OptiNews shares these ten observations by Paul Danielson from the Optimist Class trail.

You know you’re an Opti parent when:
1. Your kid’s entire wardrobe consists of regatta t-shirts.
2. You can back a trailer down a crowded ramp and retrieve a coach boat in 4 minutes flat.
3. You are on a first name basis with every boat charter company.
4. You are nervous about leaving your ten year old home alone, but you have no problem sending her out in 25 knots of breeze and 6 foot swells.
5. You think it’s normal for a hotel room to look and smell like a refugee camp.
6. You celebrate more holidays with sailing families than with blood relatives.
7. You often wonder how quickly bacteria multiply on an unrefrigerated Subway sandwich.
8. You can’t fathom that some students actually achieve a perfect school attendance record.
9. You buy more than 10 wind indicators per year, but your kid still needs another one.
10. You rationalize spending an entire weekend sitting at a yacht club bar as just part of “supporting your kid’s passion for sailing.”

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