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#FAIRSAILING Progress Report

Published on June 19th, 2018

For the 2018 sailing season, the Inland Lake Yachting Association launched the #FAIRSAILING Initiative in an effort to emphasize sportsmanship on the water.

As the foundation of any sport are its rules, the ILYA has invested in improving rule knowledge. The organization has been publishing lessons and now has released a quiz that will be the baseline for rule comprehension.

The early returns of this initiative at regattas is an increase in protests, more requests for arbitration, more boats exonerating themselves on the water and boats retiring. Competitors are reporting circles performed. Sailors are saying, “fair sailing” to their competitors. And, the bar scene is still the same after the race.

This brings up two important aspects:
1) Have qualified judges ready for protests or arbitration (an arbitrator may not serve on the protest for that incident) – folks who have taken the quiz, folks who have read the current edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing, and are without conflict of interest. Perhaps ask a qualified individual from a neighboring lake to serve.

Don’t have securing a protest committee be an afterthought. It should be assembled before the regatta. For competitors to take the rules seriously, events need to be prepared too. There is nothing worse than having to call an impromptu jury who appears two hours later when the social hour is in full swing.

2) Use this opportunity at the Competitors Briefing to encourage everyone to sail to the best of their ability. Share the enthusiasm!

Source: ILYA

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