Information Gathered on a Protest Form

Published on September 17th, 2018

Following the racing rules allows for fair competition, but when disagreements occur, protests are encouraged. However, the complexity of the process can be a deterrent. On the Racing Rules of Sailing Forum, Paul Zupan (USA) asks whether the form can be simplified:

I’m wondering if we aren’t over complicating the filing of protests by using in the pre-printed protest forms. RRS 61.2 requires only that the protestor identify in writing the (a) protestor and protestee, (b) the incident, (c) where and when, (d) any rule the protestor thinks was broken, and (e) who will represent the protestor.

But we have forms that request much more information. For example, some forms now have a litany of check boxes for the type of hearing. Does it matter? And should the form include anything about how the protestee was notified? Does that information have any real meaning prior to a hearing? And what about the diagram? Does anyone find it useful at all?

And perhaps asking the competitor to “describe the incident” is incorrect. Perhaps it should more accurately be “identify the incident.” Wouldn’t a very simple form (much like a scoring inquiry) be more accommodating to competitors especially since RRS 61.2 now allows for amending all information except the “the incident” before or during a hearing?

And the follow-on question, what should be on the form that is currently not? Shouldn’t we ask if there is damage or injury?

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