VIDEO: Blokarts on the move at Ivanpah

Published on October 20th, 2019

Scott Young shares this video and report from landsailing mecca:

Gary Terrell (Dusty) Howard, Patty, and I having a blast sailing our speedy Blokarts at one of the world’s best places to land sail, Ivanpah, CA. Speeds in the mid to upper 50s (mph) were very common when sailing deep off the wind. The 18-22 mph winds provided more than enough power for us to enjoy an awesome day of sailing.

I started the day using a 2M sail and later that day used a 3M sail. Top speeds using both sails were almost identical. I actually preferred using my 3M sail because it accelerated me up to speed MUCH quicker!
There were also a few Scirocco twins sailing on the playa with us trying their best to keep up with us, but they NEVER had a chance. We left them in the “dust”! I can’t say this enough on just how great Blokarts really are.

I can quickly and easily put two Blokarts in the back of my med-size SUV, drive to the playa, spend 10 minutes assembling both of them, and I’m off sailing! No need to haul a trailer. They also take up VERY little room to store, (about the size of a large suitcase). Weighing around 65lbs also makes them easy to move around……BIG plus!

Reliable… oh yes. I’ve been sailing my Blokart HARD for years with -0- breakdowns, only replacing tires.
Bang for the buck, Blokarts are the best thing going as far as I’m concerned. They are easy to transport, easy to put together, easy to sail, and most importantly they really perform! This video will show you just how awesome Blokarts are!

Most of the video was shot using a GoPro 7 mounted on Dean Kitchen’s EBD 5000 360 degree full panning foot or finger controlled camera mount. Enjoy the video published Oct 20, 2019.

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