Numbers deserve respect

Published on May 19th, 2020

Sailing can suffer from an ego which affects those areas of the sport that don’t live up to its standards, and while we should be encouraging all forms of participation, it’s not always the case.

Few boats get teased more than the MacGregor 26, but numbers deserve respect, and with approximately 5000 having been built, the four models of this boat have a serious following:

Dan Philgreen:
Macs are unique, even the “straight” sailboat versions like my 26S. It’s so much boat for the money and does what I want to do where I want to do it so well, it’s kinda crazy. Most blue-water boats are like most 4WD SUV’s – they will never go far beyond the site of land any more than those SUV’s will ever leave pavement. So why not buy a vehicle designed to do what you are actually going to do instead of what you dream of doing? It’s a heck of a lot cheaper. I probably would have gone for an X but the S was doable on my budget. I don’t have standing headroom and can’t waterski behind it, but under sail I’ve waxed an X like he was standing still! Just sayin’! I seriously love my boat!

Dale Counihan:
I’ve taken my 26M to the North Channel (Lake Huron) 2X, Michigan’s UP 3+X, SE Wisconsin, and towed a disabled 25′ O’Day sailboat off Lake Winnebago in 30+ mph winds. How many of you in your “proper” sailboats can say that? How many of your “proper” sailboats have been sold around the world? Most of you detractors have never even SEEN a 26M, much less sailed one!

Derrick Thurman:
I have to laugh at the purists who think the 26X/M are terrible boats. I love the hell out of my M and have seen it out perform every pure sailboat in its size out on my local lake. For the price you get the whole package – headroom, space, size, trailerabiliy, sailability, and speed. Is it tender? Sure but so are any other 25-26ft water ballast sailboats. I get compliments regularly on mine and have outfitted it for longer stays if needed (holding tank, watertank, etc.). Buy what you want and who cares what others think.

For a promo video… click here.

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