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Revive a drowned outboard

April 10th, 2022

by Andy Schell, SAIL magazine Dropped your dinghy’s outboard motor overboard? No need to panic. First, get the motor out

A Storm by any other name

September 27th, 2021

by Adam Cort, SAIL According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) hurricanes (the term most U.S. sailors are

More than just a catboat

September 7th, 2021

by Lydia Mullan, SAIL When you talk to Beetle Cat sailors, it’s immediately apparent you’re talking about more than just

The Case for Gender Equality

August 3rd, 2021

Lydia Mullan, managing editor of Sail, offers that as companies and organizations look toward holistic approaches to improve workplace morale,

At The Helm: Man Overboard!

April 22nd, 2021

by Andy Schell, SAIL Magazine Imagine this simple scenario: the boat’s powered up, sailing close-hauled in a building breeze under

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