Circumnavigation: Staying in phase with the seasons

Published on January 6th, 2014

(January 6, 2014) – When sailing around the world, the wise mariner schedules the Southern Ocean leg during its summer, when the conditions are ‘only’ horrific. To make that passage during its winter can only be considered foolish. When Abby Sunderland (USA), 16, attempted to become the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the globe, she had to be rescued from her boat midway from Africa to Australia in June 2010. Wrong time of year. Here are two attempts seeking to make the crossing during the right time of year…

American Stanley Paris, who began his solo non-stop around the world departure from St. Augustine, Florida on December 2, seeks to set a reference time from St Augustine, but also is passing Bermuda on the way out and the return back to set a new record. Paris, who is 76 years, is also vying for the oldest reference and to be the first to circumnavigate in complete green mode and use no hydrocarbons. He is currently in the South Atlantic seeking a course around the St Helena High to continue east toward the tip of the African continent.

Skipper Thomas Coville (FRA) remains on standby in Brest, France in his attempt to set a new solo around the world record on his 31m maxi-trimaran Sodebo. Coville aborted his initial attempt on Nov. 13 after only one day, a result of minor gear failure. His team had anticipated another weather window developing within a week, however, sufficient conditions have not materialized. Coville had stated that he had a departure deadline of Jan. 15.

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