Fifty Years of Celebration

Published on September 23rd, 2015

This year is the 50th E Scow Blue Chip Regatta hosted by the Pewaukee Yacht Club in Wisconsin. Each year, an elite sailor is invited as a special guest skipper, provided with their own 28-foot E Scow boat and crew, but is kept a mystery until just before the event.

To celebrate the 50th regatta, the 2015 event on September 25-27 has invited the past mystery guests and honorary class legends back to compete against each other in this all-star event.

The E Scow Blue Chip Regatta is the club’s signature event and unique in several ways. It’s the only annual regatta where competitors must qualify to receive a coveted invitation. Invitations are sent based on performance in high profile regattas during the current season. The result is a three day series of the highest level of E Scow competitors from around the country.

Here are the 24 famous folks:
Ed Eloranta, Peter Commette, Paul Van Cleve, Terry Neilson, Jonathan McKee, Steve Benjamin, Dave Chapin, Gary Jobson, Paul Cayard, Mark Reynolds, Dave Perry, Betsy Alison, Johnny Lovell, Peter Holmberg, Dave Ullman, Liz Baylis, Bora Gulari, Cam Lewis, JJ Fetter, Graham Landy, Tom Burton, Gordy Bowers, Dick Wight, and Peter Fortenbaugh.

Here are the 24 qualified folks:

Vincent Porter & I-2 Team, Augie Barkow & V-37 Team, Jamie Kimball & G-7 Team, Rob Terry and CR-66 Team, Hughes/R. Kotovic & M-42, Kyle Rogochenko & T-76 Team, Tom Munroe & WH-77 Team, Lon Schoor and H-7 Team, Steve Johanson & TO-33 Team, KG-111 and Team Freedom, Charlie Igo and W-9 Team, Wheeler Morris & W-41 Team, Robby Wilkins & SC-55 Team, Lee Alnes & W-25 Team, Tobin Tornehl & V-511 Team, Jon Schloesser & J-80 Team, Rick Turner & CH-6 Team, Chris Jewett & M-3 Team 19. BH-8 Boat & Crew, Dave Strothman M-10 Team, Hans Zinn M-35 Boat & Crew, MA-10 HCL Boat & Crew, M-8 HCL Boat & Crew, and M-9 HCL Boat & Crew.

Event details:

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