US Talent Rising at Red Bull Foiling Generation

Published on October 14th, 2016

Newport, RI (October 14, 2016) – It was a sunny and chilly day when the Red Bull Foiling Generation US Qualifier got underway around mid-day. Only pausing for the occasional tourist boat or kite surfer to pass through, heat after heat of the most talented youth sailors in the USA competed with zest and enthusiasm on the fastest phantom foiling catamarans.

“I was particularly impressed with how serious this group took the competition, which is all part of the fun of it,” said Red Bull Foiling Generation Founder and Team Coach Hans Peter Steinacher. “You could see real talent come to the surface.”

First and second place in each heat advanced to Heat 5 and 6.

Heat 1
1st – Ian Diamond / Scott Ewing
2nd – Jacob Rosenberg / Mimi El-Khanzindar
3rd – Bram Brakman / Rhodes Garner
4th – Romain Screve / Pere Puig

Heat 2
1st – Luke Muller / Nicholas Muller
2nd – Carson Shields / Chris Manson-Hing
3rd – Aaron Tsuchitori / Dylan DiMarchi
4th – Parker Hughes / Marshall McCann

Heat 3
1st – Aidan Doyle / Neil Marcellini
2nd – Maximo Nores / Raul Lopez
3rd – Haddon Hughes / Ford McCann
4th – Shane Riera / Rasmus Sayre

Heat 4
1st – Quinn Wilson / Riley Gibbs
2nd – Leif Bergstrom / Talia Toland
3rd – Brendan Read / Gordon Gurnell
Heat 5
1st – Luke Muller / Nicholas Muller
2nd – Ian McDiarmid / Scott Ewing
3rd – Jacob Rosenberg / Mimi El-Khazindar
4th – Carson Shields / Chris Manson-Hing

Heat 6
1st – Aiden Doyle / Neil Marcellini
2nd – Maximo Nores / Raul Lopez
3rd – Quinn Wilson / Riley Gibbs
4th – Leif Bergstrom / Talia Toland

Depending tomorrow’s weather conditions, Heat 7 will see the four teams with two consecutive wins go head-to-head. However, those teams that had one loss are able to come back in the Repechage Round and even have a second chance of taking the entire competition if they continue to win all the way to the finals.

“Conditions were exceptionally good for foiling and the level of racing was high,” said Race Director John Craig. “ I’m looking forward to completing the series and hope the conditions will hold out so all competitors have the chance to go for it.”

Heat 7
Luke Muller / Nicholas Muller
Ian McDiarmid / Scott Ewing
Aidan Doyle / Neil Marcellini
Maximo Nores / Raul Lopez


Heat 8
Bram Brakman / Rhodes Garner
Romain Screve / Pere Puig
Aaron Tsuchitori / Dylan DiMarchi

Heat 9
Parker Hughes / Marshall McCann
Haddon Hughes / Ford McCann
Shane Riera / Rasmus Sayre
Brendan Read / Gordon Gurnell

Heat 10
Heat8 Finish 1
Heat8 Finish 2
Jacob Rosenberg / Mimi El-Khazindar
Carson Shields / Chris Manson-Hing

Heat 11
Heat9 Finish 1
Heat9 Finish 2
Quinn Wilson / Riley Gibbs
Leif Bergstrom / Talia Toland

“We had a good breeze today and the teams were foiling downwind all day long which was really good to see,” said Competition Founder and Extreme Sailing Champion Roman Hagara. “Everyone did really well, the quality and level of racers is quite high.”

The winning team will stay in Newport to race in the Red Bull Foiling Generation World Final on October 22 and 23, joining top youth competitors from 14 countries – Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Great Britain, New Zealand, Japan and Belgium – that have qualified for this first ever world-wide competition.

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