Pac52 Class changes course for 2018

Published on July 6th, 2017

Following the launch of the Pac52 Class in 2017, the Official Class Schedule for the 2018 Season has been confirmed. Along with agreeing on the schedule, the Owners have also elected to alter next year’s racing format to include short ‘Coastal Races’ in addition to the Windward/Leeward Buoy Racing.

“The concept of having a Coastal Race be part of our circuit has been in the plans since the beginning of the Pac52 Class,” explained Pac52 Class Manager Julie Servais. “For our inaugural season, the Owners agreed to keep the racing to a Windward/Leeward only format to simplify things a bit as we all need time to learn the boats.

“But for next year, the owners unanimously agreed that we will be ready to start mixing things up a bit and bring the coastal race component into the picture. This will introduce a lot of variables as sailing these boats on courses with reaching legs requires some modifications to the rigging and boat setup, and will push the teams to develop their playbook for more dynamic situations.

The Coastal Races will be featured during the regattas, with one day of each regatta set aside for this race. The Coastal Race will have a heavier weighted score and will be counted as part of each Regatta.

With four boats – Fox, Invisible Hand, BadPak, and Rio – competing in the first three events this season in San Diego, Newport Beach, and Long Beach, a fifth boat, Beau Geste, will join the fleet in the final two 2017 events – Rolex Big Boat Series and Pac52 Cup – in San Francisco.

The 2018 Pac52 Class Schedule is:

Yachting Cup, hosted by San Diego Yacht Club
May 4 – Coastal Race
May 5 – W/L Buoy Racing
May 6 – W/L Buoy Racing

Cal Race Week, hosted by Cal Yacht Club
June 1 – Coastal Race
June 2 – W/L Buoy Racing
June 3 – W/L Buoy Racing

Long Beach Race Week, hosted by Long Beach Yacht Club
June 22 – Coastal Race
June 23 – W/L Buoy Racing
June 24 – W/L Buoy Racing

Rolex Big Boat Series, hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club
September 13 – W/L Buoy Racing
September 14 – W/L Buoy Racing
September 15 – W/L Buoy Racing
September 16 – Coastal Race

Pac52 Cup, hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club
September 28 – Coastal Race
September 29 – W/L Buoy Racing
September 30 – W/L Buoy Racing

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