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U.S. Singlehanded Championships

Published on July 23rd, 2017

Following four days of racing on Lake Tahoe, Marek Zaleski (Norwalk, Conn.) became the 2017 U.S. Singlehanded Men’s Champion and Hanne Weaver (Seattle, Wash.) became the 2017 U.S. Singlehanded Women’s Champion. Held in conjunction with the Laser Class U.S. National Championships on July 20-23, the event attracted 91 sailors and was hosted by Tahoe Yacht Club (Tahoe City, CA).

Sailors eligible for the U.S. Singlehanded Sailing Championships in the men’s Laser Full Rig and women’s Laser Radial Fleets must be U.S. citizens and at least turn 17 in the calendar year of 2017. These eligible sailors raced in their respective fleets as part of the Laser Nationals competition.

U.S. Singlehanded Men’s Championship: Final Results – Top 5 of 39
1. Marek Zaleski, Noroton Yacht Club, 1-5-1-1-1-1-[7]- ; 10
2. Jake Vickers, Severn Sailing Association, 3-[6]-4-2-3-3-1- ; 16
3. Caleb Robinson, Sail Maine, 2-[22]-5-13-5-7-5- ; 37
4. Cameron Feves, Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club, 6-9-8-9-[16]-4-13- ; 49
5. Peter Phelan, Santa Cruz Yacht Club, 7-11-7-6-7-14-[44/DSQ]- ; 52

Laser US National Championship: Final Results – Top 5 of 39
1. Marek Zaleski, Noroton YC, 1-5-1-1-1-1-[7]- ; 10
2. Jake Vickers, Severn Sailing Association, 3-[6]-4-2-3-3-1- ; 16
3. Al Clark, Royal Vancouver, [12]-7-6-5-4-6-2- ; 30
4. Caleb Robinson, SailMaine, 2-[22]-5-13-5-7-5- ; 37
5. Robert Hallawell, YCYC, [15]-10-12-3-9-2-3- ; 39

“The altitude and the water quality are two things that are different about this venue,” explained Zaleski. “I’m glad I got here early, because I was struggling when working out on my bike and the water is so clear, the Lasers float a little lower in the water, not a huge difference, but it’s noticeable.”

“I am campaigning for the 2020 Olympics non-stop,” said Zaleski. “I have over 200 days on the water since I graduated last year and a lot of time in the gym working on my fitness. So, it’s nice to see good results and that my work is paying off.”

U.S. Singlehanded Women’s Championship: Final Results – Top 5 of 52
1. Hanne Weaver, RVYC, SYC, 3-12-4-2-10-[18]- ; 31
2. Charlotte Rose, Houston Yacht Club / GCYSA, [23]-14-2-4-14-13- ; 47T
3. Kelly Cole, OCBC, 7-13-5-14-[56/OCS]-8- ; 47T
4. Lillian Myers, GCYSP, [18]-11-17-6-6-9- ; 49
5. Annika Fedde, Ventura Yacht Club, 13-26-16-27-9-[39]- ; 91

Laser Radial US National Championship: Final Results – Top 5 of 52
1. Chase Carraway, Carolina, North Carolina, Lauderdale YC, 2-[10]-1-1-4-4- ; 12
2. Hanne Weaver, RVYC, SYC, 3-12-4-2-10-[18]- ; 31T
3. Joseph Hou, Newport Harbor YC/Alamitos Bay YC, 11-8-3-7-[17]-2- ; 31T
4. Leo Boucher, Severn Sailing Association, 1-2-13-13-[15]-6- ; 35
5. Ricky Welch, Long Beach YC/ Gulf Coast YSA, 13/RDG-5-[24]-12-5-3- ; 38

“The wind and how it comes off the mountains and spreads out over the lake is the most challenging part of this sailing venue,” explained Weaver. “You really have to keep your head out of the boat.”

The race committee completed three races for the Lasers on Thursday and Friday and three races for the Laser Radials on Thursday and two on Friday (July 20-21). The conditions were similar both days with winds in the 6-10 knot range, primarily from 225° with violent shifts making it difficult to maintain “squareness’ on the inside-outside trapezoid course.

Lack of any breeze on Saturday (July 22) forced the race committee to abandon all racing. Sunday (July 23) looked like a repeat of Saturday, with a slightly better, yet inconsistent, forecast model. A 10 knot westerly burst through the racing area later in the afternoon.

The shifts became radical and inconsistent resulting in a postponement and general recall before getting off the Lasers just seven minutes before the warning signal deadline. The wind was brisk resulting in a shorter than expected race duration for both fleets. They completed an important sixth race for the Radials (allowing for their discard) and a seventh race for the Lasers.

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Source: US Sailing

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