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Don’t Be Old News

Published on August 7th, 2018

There have been a few times this season when we had to tell an event organizer that their news report wasn’t news anymore.

It is critical for news stories to be timely which means they should be distributed on the day they occurred. If much further delayed, people that care already know what happened or they just don’t care anymore.

And if people aren’t interested, the media may not be either.

While not every event requires the broad audience that Scuttlebutt can provide, many deserve it and can benefit from it. Before an event, the news coverage is about creating awareness. Once the racing begins, the audience is now largely non-participants, and the updates can create interest for future events.

If your event has a broad range of participants, it also has an audience many times that number of either prospective participants or engaged enthusiasts from which you can expose your facility, sponsors, or sailing region.

Don’t make your event communication an afterthought, and please, make it timely.

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