Race Official Code of Conduct

Published on August 21st, 2019

Regattas should be a positive, safe, and harassment-free environment for sailors, volunteers, and officials which has led Yachting New Zealand to formalize a code of conduct for race officials.

This code of conduct provides expectations for conduct and behavior to ensure the running of races for sailors are carried out in a safe, fair, and sportsmanlike manner. Here they are…

As a Yachting New Zealand race official I shall:
• Place the safety and welfare of sailors, volunteers and officials above all else.
• Abide by the rules, regulations and laws that apply.
• Show respect for all competitors, coaches, supporters, volunteers and officials, regardless of their age, gender, ability, race, cultural background and any disabilities they may have.
• Be honest, impartial, consistent, objective and courteous.
• Refrain from behavior which could reasonably be construed as bullying or harassment and promptly report any such behavior to an appropriate person.
• Uphold the confidentiality of race official communications.
• Maintain a good level of understanding and application of the rules, cases, calls, procedures and policies applicable to my discipline and position.
• Avoid inappropriate conflicts of interest, disclose potential conflicts of interest before accepting an appointment, and promptly disclose potential conflicts of interest that become apparent later. In cases of doubt I shall refer the case to Yachting New Zealand in good time and be bound by its reply.
• Operate boats in a safe and responsible manner.
• Refrain from consuming alcohol until duties are over for the day and refrain from engaging in inappropriate alcohol consumption at an event venue.
• Refrain from using illegal substances.
• Refrain from acting beyond the limits of my responsibilities, so as to usurp, undermine or needlessly criticize the performance of the tasks of other officials.
• Comply with all reasonable requests, directions and guidelines of Yachting New Zealand.
• Cooperate promptly in a full and frank manner with requests for information, investigations or other inquiries from Yachting New Zealand.
• Inform Yachting New Zealand if I am the subject of a complaint or investigation or have been investigated, formally warned or prosecuted for offences involving children, violence, sexual offending or dishonesty.
• Refrain any action or omission which may bring Yachting New Zealand, the event I am engaged in, or the sport of sailing into disrepute.

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