Road trip for ice and adventure

Published on February 25th, 2020

by James Thieler
Want to see what it’s like to travel from Montana to Sweden via Germany and back again?

Sean Heavey is a professional photographer, videographer, and artist who ran into the iceboat crowd when the 2020 DN North American Championship was held in his town of Glascow, Montana.

After doing capturing imagery from that event, he decided to follow it up by coming along with the USA group headed to Europe for the 2020 DN World Championship. The result is an extraordinary account / travelogue of what a DN trip to Europe is like for a bunch of scruffy Americans.

It also shows what an amazing two weeks you’ll have if you get kidnapped by Jorg Bohn and his unbelievably hospitable group of friends in northern Germany. Once you are in the care of Jorg, Ulrika, Torsten, Daggie, Stefan, Beatu, and the rest of the gang the fun doesn’t stop.

Great food, great restaurants, great drinks, great scenery, great coffee, great stories, vans, ferries, possibly small planes, and even the occasional mishap. But hey, who said that “comedy is tragedy over time?” Mark Twain maybe? All good for a laugh a few hours or days later.

Oh yeah, there is a big regatta in there somewhere. Sean has photos of that too!

One of the great (do I need a thesaurus or what?) things about iceboating is all the characters you get to know – Sean is certainly one of them. Jorg is always reminding me to round up more Americans and bring them over for the Gold Cup and other regattas over there. Take a look at the photos and give it some thought…. You won’t regret it!

Get a cup of coffee, a comfortable seat, a big screen, and enjoy the photos…click here.

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