Forum FAQs

Here is a list of tips that will hopefully make your forum experience more enjoyable. If you have a tip to add, please send it to

  • Signing-up: Anyone can view the Forum, but only those who have signed up can post an ad to it. The process takes about a minute, during which you will need to submit a valid email address that is protected under the guidelines of the Scuttlebutt privacy statement. The process is completed once you respond to a validation email that gets sent to you. If the validation email never arrives to you, chances are you incorrectly entered your email address. Try again.
  • Log-In: You cannot post an ad in the Forum unless you are logged in (must first sign-up; see above). Forum posts are marked “Log-In to Post” until you are logged in.
  • New Posts: If you would like to post a new ad, click “Post New” and get after it. Also, for new posts, carefully word your post in the Subject line to help clarify what you are after. To help keep track of any replies to your post, an email can be sent to you as long as the “Send e-mail notification on reply” box is checked at the bottom of your posting.
  • Replying:  If you want to reply to an ad that has been posted, click “reply” on that ad. If you want to reply to a post along the thread, then you should click “reply” on that particular post. If you want to reiterate something on the post for which you are replying, you can click “quote” instead of “reply” which will paste in their comments into your note.
  • Thread Order: Each new post goes to the top of the list. However, each time a post receives a reply, that also pushes that thread to the top of the list.
  • Images: An image that is saved on your hard drive can either be attached to your post (like an email), or can be inserted in the body of your post. Only images that do not exceed 300 KB can be used.
    • To attach the photo, go to the bottom of your post where it says attachments, browse for the image, click on it, and then click on ‘Upload attachment’.
    • To insert the image in your post, go to the bottom of your post where it says attachments, browse for the image, click on it, check the ‘inline’ box, and click on ‘Upload attachment’. Once that is done, go up to the post toolbar and click on the image icon. Indicate that you want the inline image, choose the image that you want from the attached list, and then click ‘submit’.
    • Warning… we are aware that Internet Explorer 8 will not allow an image to be inserted in a post. If you use IE8, you can only attach the image. Other browsers such as Firefox will allow you to attach or insert.
  • Edit Profile: This option is at the top of most every Forum screen, and is where you can customize your User account: add an image, change your password, mark threads to watch, etc.

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