Bermuda Rounded in 6 Days

Published on December 4th, 2018

Dr Stanley Paris has been trying since 2014 to solo circumnavigate the world. After three failures, he, set out on November 29 in his fourth and final campaign. Sailing his Finot-Conq 53, the 81 year old held five goals when he left from St. Augustine, FL:

1. Just get around nonstop.
2. Challenge Dodge Morgan’s 1986 solo Bermuda back to Bermuda of 150 days, 1 hour and 6 minutes.
3. Be the second to do it green. Conrad Coleman managed it in the 2016-17 Vendee Globe.
4. Be the oldest at 81 years.
5. Set a record from St. Augustine.

Here is his first update from the voyage:

(December 4, 2018; Day 6) – It began with a send off from St Augustine. Not like the first time when there were hundreds present on the dock and bridge, twenty some boats in escort including the Coast Guard and the fort fired canon in a salute. Now on my fourth and final attempt there were a faithful hundred and just a few boats. The fort did not notice me. None the less I was overwhelmed with the emotions of the support. Thank you St Augustine. I will return.

I am rounding Bermuda as I dictate this, it’s been a rough passage, worst squalls and thunder I have experienced at sea. Constantly changing winds and so much work at times. None the less no damages to boat or crew (that’s me). I crossed Dodge Morgan’s start line at 4:18 pm EST to begin my challenge in his 150 day Bermuda to Bermuda record. Not much chance – his 60 foot against my 53. But we shall see. Cheers.


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