Tied up at Baldwin Cup

Published on April 4th, 2019

Newport Beach, CA (April 4, 2019) – Newport Harbor Yacht Club is trying to defend its team race title in the 2019 Baldwin Cup Team Race. In Stage 1, after 54 races today, San Diego Yacht Club is tied with the NHYC Lightning team for first place. Both teams have 8 wins and one loss. Following is Larchmont Yacht Club with 7 wins and 2 losses.

At a brand-new club house under blue skies with westerly winds averaging seven knots, The Newport Harbor Yacht Club hosted day one of the Baldwin Cup Team Race.

With a guest appearance by Goslings Rum founder Ambrose Gosling sharing dulcet tones of old pirate shanties, teams from yacht clubs across the U.S. and the United Kingdom began their fight for the most coveted honor on the team racing circuit. At the end of day one, San Diego and NHYC Lightning are tied for first, and Larchmont sitting in third.

Working through the challenges of today’s light air were competitors whose CVs include Olympiads, collegiate sailing, and the America’s Cup.

Back from a one-year hiatus, Commodore Scott Mason’s organizing skills were far from rusty, efficiently getting 54 races off as PRO. Together with Event General Chair Staff Commodore Jeff Gordon, Mason and a team of over 100 member volunteers kicked off the twelfth running of this world class team racing regatta, which is heavily in debt to the twenty-six Harbor 20 owners who lend their boats to the event.

“The Baldwin Cup is one of the most coveted invitations on the team race circuit,” said Mason. “This is a testament to the hard work of our members that volunteer their time to make all of the regatta’s many elements come together. Our member’s commitment to the Baldwin Cup is a reflection of our 102-year heritage of hospitality.

“We are excited to see it shine through for the first time at our new club house. We think the new building will bring spectators even closer to the unique four versus four team racing for which this event is known.”

Today’s highlights included: The New York Yacht Club’s fierce competition of “rock paper scissors” to determine skippers crew pairings; and announcer Adam Deermount’s continuous efforts to auction off his vegan beef jerky strips from his snack pack.

Per usual, there is no shortage of humor from competitors; “How are we supposed to win the regatta if we can’t win the team photo?” said a first-time sailor from the Corinthian Yacht Club. Tips for race preparation included: getting your blazer cleaned; practice putting on sun tan lotion; hoarding quarters for the infamous quarter beers; and watching The Bachelor.

“We barely notice the competitors,” said umpire John Drayton, a four-year veteran of the Baldwin Cup Team Race. “We only see a sail number and a color out there. I am administering justice punishing evil doers. If you like the service you are getting, please give us five stars on yelp.”

With over seventy mooring balls cleared to create an unobscured race course and amazing views, sailors compete in a team format with four vs. four boats. Competitors will frequently sail less than 50 meters off the dock.

The 12th edition has attracted teams from Annapolis Yacht Club (Annapolis, MD), Balboa Yacht Club (Newport Beach, CA), Corinthian Yacht Club, Larchmont Yacht Club, New York Yacht Club, Royal Thames Yacht Club, St. Francis Yacht Club, San Diego Yacht Club, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, and Southern Yacht Club.

Racing is scheduled for on April 4-6.

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2019 Entry List:
Annapolis Yacht Club – Annapolis, MD
Cole Allsopp
Debbie Gosselin
John Howell
Jonathan Bartlett
Patrick Floyd
Sarah Russell
Charlie Lomax
Ginny Minninger

Balboa Yacht Club – Newport Beach, CA
Katie McDowell
Christine Robertson
Shannon Steele
Chuck Simmons
Alex Steele
Greg Newman
Aubrey Mayer
Jon Novak

Corinthian Yacht Club – Marblehead, MA
Will Bailey
Kate Donegan
Evan Cooke
Patrick Donegan
Joe Fava
Elise Nash
Duncan Swain
Sam Madden

Larchmont Yacht Club – Larchmont, NY
Danny Pletsch
Tori Porter
Cardwell Potts
Kendra Emhiser
Graham Landy
Jason Caroll
Senet Pletsch
Jennifer Potts

New York Yacht Club – New York, NY
Derek Webster
Anna Han
Nicky Souter
James Barry
Harry Koepell
Charles Welsh
William Gammell
Lauren Koch

Royal Thames Yacht Club – London, UK
Andy Cornah
Scott Millar
Ben Ainsworth
Tom Heywood
Arthur Henderson
James Pindar
Fiona Hampshire
Greg Hall

St. Francis Yacht Club – San Francisco, CA
Mateo Vargas
Craig Healy
Morgan Larson
Joey Pasquali
Kevin Laube
Russ Silvestri
Kieran Chung
Eliza Richartz

San Diego Yacht Club – San Diego, CA
Jake Reynolds
Erik Shampain
Tyler Sinks
Lucy Wallace
Adam Roberts
Nick Martin
Scott Sinks
Nick Kaschak

Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club – Oyster Bay, NY
Dave Perry
Holly Constants
John Storck, III
Emily Babbitt
Ian Storck
Kyle Shattuck
Joel Hanneman
Sophie DeLaCour

Southern Yacht Club – New Orleans, LA
Charles Higgins
Corky Potts
Dwight Leblanc
Ward Pitard
Scott Sonnier
Wendy Kerrigan
Christian Gambel
Kohl Killeen

Newport Harbor Yacht Club Lightning – Newport Beach, CA
Caleb Silsby
Bill Menninger
Mac Mace
Ward Mace
Alex Curtiss
Robert Kinney
Jake La Dow
Chris Banholzer

Newport Harbor Yacht Club Thunder – Newport Beach, CA
Brian Bissell
Perry Bissell
Justin Law
Randall Hause
Scott Hogan
Tim Hogan
Tyler Macdonald
Reid Vitarelli

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