Seven days in heaven

Published on March 6th, 2019

by Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt
We speak about how sailing is a lifestyle, how it provides experiences not found in other recreation. But how convincing are the words? Significant progress has been made in broadcasting competition, but what about promoting the soul of sailing?

Joe Cline, in his report for 48° North, got us thinking about how to better showcase what we feel so others can feel it too. His words came to mind when reviewing a new video, and while this production may be deemed too provocative, we saw it as an example of passionate people embracing the soul of sailing. Here’s the introduction:

There are all kinds of trips: trips in which we progress a lot, trips that make us meet great people, trips that are disappointing and then, there are those trips that surpass all of the others. And that is what we are talking about today.

It all begins in Stance’s office, a company which seeks to provide the best kiteboarding images on paper and on internet. It’s winter, it’s cold, the rain is pouring down our windows, half of the colleagues are contaminated by the flu, in other words, it is a sad period.

So our instinct of survival kicks in and we start dreaming of a crazy heavenly webstory. A story about a catamaran, turquoise lagoons, and sexy girls sending big tricks on the water. As we are quite persevering, our crazy story becomes reality when on the morning of January 25, four of the sexiest female riders on the planet board the Grenadream for a week of shooting.

Embark on seven days in heaven with Paula Novotna, Rita Arnaus, Vrinda Hamal and Karolina Larsson:

For full story, images and video… click here.

Do you think the video helps to create interest in sailing? Let us know at

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